Anthony Scaramucci, the 53-year-old, now former communication director was known for is the foul mouth and was the one to rant about the former chief of staff Reince Priebus. He was also considered as the primary reasons behind Priebus's escape. He was immediately shown the door of the White House after the retired Marine Corps Kelly took the oath in the Oval Office. His comments on Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon in an interview with the New Yorker was found inappropriate and vulgar even by the White House officials.

Anthony's appearance in the show

Now, after too much of drama, Anthony is back in limelight. He is making his comeback with Late Show. Recently, Late Show host Stephen Colbert shared the news on Twitter by stating that the former White House communication director will be a guest on his show for an upcoming episode. Stephen Colbert has shared this post on Twitter with a hashtag known as #themooch. And the reason behind this hashtag is that he is often referred as 'The Mooch' by Colbert and other late-night show hosts. Knowing his attitude, Colbert also posted that the censors need to get ready for their work. Scaramucci's appearance on the Late Show will be his late-night debut after his dramatic escape from Trump-moderated White House.

Everyone in the White House hated him

Anthony Scaramucci was in news for his foul mouth and it was also said that everyone in the White House including President Trump had issues with him. Not only this, as soon as the news of his departure was out many comedians and others lashed him on Twitter. Colbert even called him a "broken man." And known for what he does the best, Scaramucci in his recent interview also hinted some major points on the politics of the White House.

He cited the fact that Nick Ayers, who has no federal government experience was recently hired as Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff because there is no one to protect the Vice- President.

As per him, the Vice-President himself has no idea with what is going and hence Ayers was appointed for the same. With his attitude, accusations and claims it will be interesting to see what Scaramucci has on his plate this time.

His 10-day stint as a communication director made him quite popular in the social circle. It will be interesting to see the questions that will be asked by Colbert when the two meet on his show in an upcoming episode. Scaramucci had also planned an internet event of his own, but due to some reasons, it was canceled last week.