An Alabama woman went missing a month ago and she was recently found naked by the side of the road. Rescuers said she was able to survive a whole month by eating berries and drinking Muddy Water. Buzzfeed identified the woman as Lisa Theris. She was last seen on August 18.

Woman who found Theris initially thought she was a deer

The woman who spotted Theris was Judy Garner, who said she initially thought that Theris was a deer. Garner then got curious and when she got nearer, she found a naked woman. Garner was driving down Bullock County’s Highway 82 when she made the discovery.

Garner noted that when she realized she found a person, she started shaking and crying because she was scared and did not know what to do. She talked to Theris and asked her if she could stay put for a while so Garner could get water for her from her vehicle. Garner then called 911 to tell them about the naked woman.

Garner believes Theris could not have survived much longer.

Theris believed to have been dead

The Troy Police Department initially handled the case. They handed it over to Blount County Sheriff’s Office as they believed Theris was with three men who allegedly burglarized a hunting camp. Two of the three men, 31-year-old Manley Green Davis and 36-year-old Randall Wade Oswald, were later booked on theft and burglary charges but they were not charged in the disappearance of Theris, shared.

Accordingly, Theris ran away from the two men and ended up in the woods on the night they told her they planned to rob a hunting camp.

Theris left their home and was heading to court before she went missing. She said she did not remember much of what happened and could not give details as to how she met the men she ran away from.

It is possible that she was drugged but police are still investigating in an attempt to know more about what happened.

Her family then thought she was already dead. Her brother, Will, said in a statement that knowing his 25-year-old sister was alive was the most surreal moment in his life. He revealed they already had in mind that the worst has happened to Theris.

Theris taken to a hospital

After Theris was found, she was taken to a hospital. She was covered in bug bites and scratches and has since been released to her family. Will said she is in severe pain but is now improving. Theris lost around 50 pounds but Will said his sister is strong and will handle it well. Doctors told them she might fully recover after a month.