Lisa Theris, 25, of Louisville, AL was reported missing on July 23 but has now been found after having been lost in the wilderness for almost a month

Determined to survive for her family

While Theris has lost some 50 pounds during her ordeal, the missing woman kept herself alive by eating berries and mushrooms and drinking water from a brook or puddles in the area. As reported by MSNewsNow, she was determined to stay alive to see her loved ones again, but authorities are calling it a miracle.

WSFA 12 News reported that a female motorist spotted Theris as she emerged naked from the woods in Bullock County onto Highway 82 Saturday.

Sheriff Raymond Rodgers said the young lady had finally been found and is alive after being lost in the woods for so long, going on to explain that she had to find what she could to eat and drink to survive.

While Theris did survive, she was covered with bug bites and multiple scratches. She was treated at a local emergency room, and her family rushed over to be with her once they heard the news, thrilled that she was alive.

Search parties looked for Lisa Theris without success

According to Rodgers, a widespread search spanning several counties had been ongoing for Theris since she was reported missing. Teams with dogs had scoured a large area but hadn’t managed to penetrate all the dense woods in the area.

The area searched was wilderness that contained no roads or houses.

During her time in the woods, Theris had no shoes, phone, or shelter. She said she had been constantly on the move during her time in the woods but became disoriented due to her hunger and thirst.

It was discovered that she had originally been in the company of two men, Manley Davis and Randall Oswald.

However when she found out the men were planning to burglarize a hunting lodge in the area, she said she wanted no part of it and ran away.

Woman ran away from two men planning a burglary

Davis and Oswald have since been arrested for breaking into the hunting lodge on July 17.

Rodgers explained that Theris was not familiar with the area, and on the night she ran away from the two men, she entered the woods and became lost, adding that he just thanks God she is alive.

Officials said they didn’t have full details on her connection with the two burglars or how Theris managed to survive for so long, but they are continuing their investigations. Sgt. Chad Faulkner, who led the investigation into her disappearance, said they want to first ensure her health is in the best shape but hope to have more details in the days to come. Faulkner went on to praise her resiliency, saying her will to live had been strong, but also that it was a miracle she had survived.