A woman from Ohio, who owns other snakes, rescued a boa constrictor. Later, she called 911 saying that the boa constrictor bit her and was wrapped around her face. The boa constrictor was five feet long and she rescued it recently. The woman told the 911 dispatcher that there was blood everywhere. She exclaimed, “Oh, please! I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face!” She further revealed that the snake bit her nose and it would not let go. The snake, together with another boa constrictor, was rescued by the woman a day before one of the reptiles wrapped itself around her face, Time shared.

Snake’s head cut off

Firefighters were dispatched to help the woman. They found her lying down in her driveway with the snake wrapped around her neck, BBC reported. Fire chief Tim Card said that the snake would not let go of the woman’s face so they had to cut the snake’s head off in order to rescue the woman.

It was unclear how the snake got out of its cage but reports said that a cage was found open in the driveway near the woman. It is unknown what the woman was doing before the snake bit her and wrapped itself around her face. The unidentified 45-year-old woman was taken to a hospital to be treated. There are no updates regarding the status of her condition.

Sheffield Lake mayor proud of how responders handled situation

According to The New York Daily News, mayor Dennis Bring of Sheffield Lake, where the woman is from, was happy and proud of how the responders handled the situation. He said in a statement that he was pleased with how quick the paramedics responded to the situation and praised their quick thinking regarding the use of a pocket knife in order to remove the snake from the face of the woman.

Bring said destroying the snake was the only option the responders had. Reports also said that the woman owned two more boa constrictors and nine ball pythons. Bring said that he could imagine the bite was very painful. The mayor continued that the woman should decide whether or not she will continue to have snakes.

The woman is yet to comment on the matter but she is reportedly traumatized after the incident.

She is reportedly contemplating whether she still wants to keep the other snakes she owns.

Boa constrictors kill their prey by gripping their victims tightly. This way, blood and oxygen cannot reach the vital organs of the snake’s prey. Boa constrictors are usually found in South, North, and Central America.