DeKalb County, GA, police department has relaunched an internal investigation following a complaint concerning the use of force against a homeless woman, Katie McCrary, who was repeatedly hit by an officer wielding his baton on June 4. Stacy Zachery, age 41, was a bystander who captured the incident on a cell phone video that turned viral on the Internet over the weekend.

The police department was previously unaware of the video, which is just under two minutes long and has reopened its investigation. According to Shiera Campbell, DeKalb County Police spokeswoman, the police are reviewing the video to determine whether it matches the Officer P.J.

Larscheid’s statement.

At this time, she said, the officer’s report seems to parallel what the video depicts, but it’s “too soon to tell” if he responded appropriately. She told the New York Times that the department is not saying they he did anything wrong. They are comparing his original report with the video.

Officer cleared until viral video came to light over weekend

Until the video surfaced on YouTube this weekend, Larscheid was cleared following an initial investigation regarding his report and use of force. While the renewed investigation continues, Larscheid is on administrative duty.

Officer Larscheid responded to a complaint from employees at a Decatur-area convenience store where 38-year-old McCrary was allegedly soliciting money from customers inside the store.

Zachery, who lives in the Decatur, GA, area, told the New York Times that she heard a scuffle while she was shopping. That’s when she saw McCrary on the floor and started recording on her cell phone. Zachery and a man who is off-camera are heard in the video telling McCrary not to resist. She said McCrary is known in the area, she is homeless, and solicits money.

Woman beaten by police said to have ‘mental health issues’

According to Zachery, people who live in the area also “know Katie” and that she has a “mental problem.” She said McCrary would not “lash out” at anyone. McCrary is heard, in the video, asking several times, “What did I do wrong?”

Larscheid is seen hitting McCrary with his baton, then, he is seen using it to keep McCrary down.

When she placed her hands on Larscheid’s baton, he told her to let go or he was going to shoot her. Zachery is heard asking him not to “shoot her.”

Police baton struck woman’s head

Larscheid tossed his baton to the side and placed handcuffs on McCrary after she was on her stomach, facing the floor. She was struck, at least, 10 times with Larscheid’s metal baton. According to Larscheid’s incident report, he struck her forearms and her legs. In addition, he stated that he hit the side of her head once inadvertently when she was “moving around.”

She was charged and arrested for hindering or obstructing law enforcement officers. An EMS unit examined her at the scene. When Larscheid took McCrary to the DeKalb County jail, however, she was refused.

She was deferred for evaluation at Grady Memorial Hospital, the officer noted in his report. She had a welt on her forearm and a cut on her shin.

At the request of the convenience store manager, McCrary also received a criminal trespass warning. According to CNN, she is presently in custody for a charge not related to the June 4 incident. She is “often” at the convenience store panhandling, according to a man who knows McCrary. He also conveyed that she has mental health problems.