Police have been investigating the disappearance of Chinese student Yingying Zhang. The student was last seen on the 9th of June and the FBI have arrested a Man in connection with her disappearance. 26-year-old Yingying had a yearlong position at the University Of Illinois. She was working in the department of natural resources and environmental sciences.

The student was last seen on June 9

Yingying Zhang was last seen on the grounds of the University of Illinois on the 9th of June. Since then no one has been in contact with the scholar. Attempts were made by friends of Yingying to contact her but they had no success.The student was going to sign a lease on the day of her disappearance.

She never showed up to sign it and friends began to worry.

The authorities were able to track the movements of Zhang up until 2 p.m on Friday. A security camera picked up an exchange between Zhang and the driver of a black Saturn Astra. Yingying and the driver engage in a long conversation before the 26-year-old willingly got into the vehicle. This lead created a sense of urgency to the case as police changed the investigation from missing persons to a kidnapping.

The authorities have released a statement saying that their hearts go out to Zhang's family. The news has shocked the people of China as more than 300,000 Chinese students attend schools in the US. The case has been widely broadcast across Yingying's mother country.

Police have obtained a confession from the man in question

The FBI has arrested Brendt Christensen in connection with the disappearance of Zhang. Since her disappearance police have found evidence connecting Christensen to the scene. The 27-year-old had been visiting suspicious sites on the internet such as "Abduction 101" and "planning a kidnapping".

As if this wasn't enough to connect Brendt to the disappearance of Zhang, police have also confirmed that he was the driver of the black Saturn Astra.

Christensen readily admitted that he kidnapped the student and held her against her will. Brendt told police that he brought the Chinese scholar back to his apartment. He is being held at the police station until July 3 when he will have his first court appearance.

He is currently facing charges of kidnapping.

According to CNN, the police believe that Yingying Zhang is dead. They have not been able to locate a body and have appealed to the public for any information that they might have.