There seems to be a link between the tweet by President Donald Trump about Chelsea Clinton and the ongoing controversy involving Donald Trump Jr. Mashable observed that the timing of the president’s tweet came after his son admitted meeting a Kremlin lawyer who offered dirt about Chelsea’s mother, Hillary Clinton.

The website pointed out that Trump has mastered the art of distraction which made Mashable wonder if the president intentionally created a distraction to remove the heat from Donald Jr.’s admission.

The president’s son appears to need some help from the Oval Office after his admission.

Russian government collusion

Donald Jr. insisted in a tweet there is nothing wrong if he met Natalia Veselnitskaya who offered him an alleged intelligence report the Trump campaign team could use against Hillary Clinton, his father’s rival for the presidency. He initially claimed he was unaware she could be an emissary of Kremlin.

The New York Times, however, reported that the email which Trump received from Rob Goldstone – the publicist who arranged the meeting with Veselnitskaya – stated the material she offered was part of a Russian Government to help his father win the election. Three people familiar with the email from Goldstone said the potentially damaging information about Clinton came from the Russian government.

It could debunk claims by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow was not involved in the election interference.

Donald Jr. knew his admission got him into deeper trouble that he had to hire a lawyer, Alan Futertas, to represent him in the Russian probe. Both Intelligence Committees of Senate and Congress wanted him, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort to testify about their meeting with the Kremlin lawyer.

Origin of the damaging material

Futertas, however, insisted that Donald Jr. had done nothing wrong. He said the meeting is “much ado about nothing” because while the president’s son was aware the email came from someone he knew, he had no knowledge of the specific information the report contained.

According to a person briefed on the emails, Goldstone just passed along the information given to him by others. The publicist may not have direct knowledge of the dirt about Clinton.

Kremlin and Veselnitskaya now both claimed she did not act for the Russian government when she contacted Donald Jr. through Goldstone, The New York Post reported. The email from Goldstone is expected to be investigated also by special counsel Robert Mueller who is leading the investigation on the Russian interference.