Although U.S. President Donald trump tweeted from Poland and Germany, the tight schedule of his second overseas trip as president saw a reduction in the number of tweets he posted while abroad. Trump is back in the White House and just resumed his morning habit.

On his first day back in the Oval Office, he immediately went on a Twitter rant fest by firing four vile tweets. First, he accused fired FBI Director James Comey of leaking classified information. He pressured Congress into passing a new healthcare bill and defended daughter Ivanka in the next two tweets.

Confidential reports

The New York Daily News reported that seven of the memos which Comey kept about his talk with Trump are government documents. Four were labeled “secret” or “confidential” intelligence reports, according to The Hill, based on anonymous reports. The report, however, only stated that Congress is investigating if Comey breached FBI regulation when he created, stored, and shared his memos of his discussions with Trump on the possibility that there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

The report did not state that Comey leaked classified information.

The FBI director said he considered what he shared with a lawyer friend from Columbia University a personal document of his recollection of his talk with the president. Comey said as a private citizen, he believes it is important to share the information with the public.

Although one or two documents might have had classified information, Comey said he immediately made an unclassified memo of his conversation with the president about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn which he discussed with senior FBI leaders.

Trump defends Ivanka

Trump posted two tweets to defend daughter Ivanka from criticisms for occupying the president’s seat at a G20 meeting. Rather than explaining why he did not ask other senior officials of the U.S. delegation to represent him when the president stepped out of the room, he said it was a standard procedure and cited that the G20 Summit host, German Chancellor Angel Merkel, found nothing wrong with what he did.

The president, however, did not stop at that. He again used the incident to hit Hillary Clinton by accusing her of selling the country and the media of using a similar scenario involving Chelsea Clinton to push for her daughter’s election as president, The Washington Post reported.

Trump using Chelsea did not sit well with Adam Best who described it as a classless comment.

Best then extended the scenario to poke fun at Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner by tweeting Chelsea would be the de factor FLOTUS, while her husband Marc Mezvinsky would have wide powers like Kushner. Such a scenario would freak out the Conservatives.