US President Donald Trump said on Friday that America's patience with North Korea has ended - rising rhetoric in the midst of a U.S. pressure increase on China to stop its smaller neighbor. Trump said the period of the strategic endurance with the regime in North Korea has failed. For many years, and it has failed, and, honestly, the patience is over, he made the statement at the Rose Garden with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, who visited the United States to discuss North Korea and several other bilateral issues including defense, economy, and other important matters.

The repeated US warnings

According to Global News, other US officials have said the same thing in the past: Both the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Vice President Mike Pence said in separate visits to Asia earlier this year that the reign of strategic patience was no more. In June, James Mattis, US Defense Secretary described North Korea as a clear and serious danger. A Trump administration official told reporters in April that the time has run out, on years of diplomatic efforts to quell North Korea

President Trump’s blunt warning was issued a week before the meeting in Germany with European leaders in the hope of diffusing the North Korean Ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.

On the sidelines of an important international summit in Hamburg, Germany, the US President will meet with the Japanese counterpart Shinzo, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China is key to resolving the North Korean crisis

China remains the key to solving the North Korean issues because it is the isolated country’s major partner, its source of food, raw materials, and fuel.

China does not want the fall of North Korea, which would possibly lead to refugee flow to in the region. It also does not want a reunification of North and South Korea, fearing that such move would result in a US aligned force close to its border.

On Friday, Trump called on regional powers and all nations of good will to join forces in implementing UN sanctions and demand that the North Korean regime choose a good path with immediate effect, and a different course for his long-suffering citizens, 'so Friday.

The President said the ultimate goal of the United States is stability, peace, and prosperity of the whole region. But the United States of America will take all necessary steps to defend itself and its allies, he said.