On Thursday, the Republicans in the Senate decided to keep former President Obama's tax increases on the rich people's investments and use the money to support their health subsidies in an attempt to reassure moderate GOP legislators and save the bill.

Also in the game, there was a conservative proposal to allow insurers to offer plans they would like, including those with unfair benefits and low bonuses. To do this, a company will also have to sell policies that adhere to Obama's health care coverage requirements, which imposes on insurers.

Internal opposition to the proposals

Both proposals were confronted with internal opposition and procedural obstacles under the GOP and it was not clear whether one of the two ideas would survive. But activism underlined that party leaders stepped up their efforts to draft a new health bill two days after Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, postponed the initial version because conservative and moderate Republican Senators were ready to Block it.

The fast paced Republican agreement came with McConnell, hoping to have a new draft of the measure with enough support to scale through - by the end of the week. His problem is that the bill will die if only three of the 52 Senators of the Republican oppose this, and the number of GOP senators who publicly said they would not vote or raise serious issues has doubled.

In the Theology of Republicans, has a history of opposing tax increase. It is particularly desirable to overrule those that Obama has signed to help finance the extended coverage of the law of about 20 million more Americans.

The Senate Republicans bill would cancel most of Obama's tax effort, which was largely aimed at high-income people and the medical field.

The Congressional Budget Office stated that wiping of Obama's tax increases would amount to $ 700 billion over a decade and Democrats say the GOP plan is primarily a tax relief for the wealthy.

Retaining some of Obama's tax increases

The Republicans, however, discussed the retention of a 3.8% increase in Obama's tax on high-income earners.

Maintaining this increase would save approximately $ 172 billion for the next 10 years and moderates want to make use of the healthcare subsidies that would provide them with more generous accounts.

This effort would allow Republicans to claim that they were not just to protect the rich, and hoping to make their plan less vulnerable to Democratic criticism to provide insecure subsidies. In its latest report, the CBO said that besides bringing about 22 million more uninsured persons by the year 2026, the Senate draft Bill would increase the cost of many people for insurance, especially for the elderly and poor consumers.