President Trump announced early Friday morning that he sent Federal Aid to Chicago in an attempt to curtail the city's Gun Violence.

Trump said crime and murders have become unbearable in Chicago. The President said he has sent federal aid, and admitted there were 1,714 shootings in Chicago this year alone. Chicago Department of Police record reveals that there were 1,360 shooting incidents and 1,703 recorded casualties in the city as of June 2017.

The epidemic of crime in Chicago

According to Reuters, the Chicago Police Department and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives of the Justice Department announced Friday's at a press briefing of launching the new Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force.

Chicago Department of Police First Deputy Superintendent, Kevin Navarro said the prevention of crime and the reduction of gun violence will not be solved by a strategy. He added that all must work together as a city, as a state, and as a nation to be more committed to effective solutions.

The specialized team will include Chicago police forces, Illinois troops, federal agents and intelligence experts, as well as federal and state attorneys. Their mission will be to stop the illegal arms smuggling in Chicago and quell repeated gunfire.

Leaders of security agencies from urban, state and federal levels came together and drafted the new strike force as an effective and versatile, ongoing and collaborative move - not the effort or the idea of a single individual.

Asking if Trump is 'correct to pay these initiatives,' said Navarro that talks about the new strike force under former President Barack Obama have begun. 'One thing I can say is that these discussions with the superintendent returned to November, so we had two administrations about which the superintendent had to get extra help from ATF, 'he said.

Chicago Police Department credited ATF Special Commander in Charge Celinez Nunez with developed the concept of strike power immediately after Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson had a meeting with Justice officials in Washington, DC, earlier in 2017.

Efforts to curtail violence

The commander of the newly formed strike force Tim Jones, confirmed that ATF has already taken a number of moves to deploy agents and staff, including 20 ATF agents, to Chicago for this attempt: 'We are a service-oriented agency and we're excited about help in whatever means possible.


Last year, in nearly two decades, it was the deadliest in Chicago. According to records from the Chicago Police Department, there were 762 casualties, 3,550 reported shooting incidents and 4,331 shooting victims who survived. Police say 2017 has witnessed 14 percent decline in shooting so far.