United States President Donald Trump's feud with the co-hosts of" Morning Joe" took an unexpected turn today as he called them 'not bad people' but at the same time did not forget to insult them. However, it seems that Trump has found a new target for his ire in the form of MSNBC, the broadcaster of Morning Joe. It will be interesting to see how this feud eventually plays out.

The insults continue

Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, have been at the receiving end of a volley of insults from Donald Trump over the past two days.

This morning The President tweeted about them again and, while he did state that they are 'not bad people', he went on to call Joe Scarborough 'crazy' and described Mika Brzezinski as being 'dumb as a rock'. All those sentiments were expressed in the same tweet as Trump continued to pour insults on them. The President's actions have received widespread condemnation from a wide variety of people, including people from his own party.

However, it seems that Donald Trump has found a new target, as far as "Morning Joe" and the target of his tweets are concerned. He began to go after the network bosses for the unflattering coverage. MSNBC has not responded to his accusations, as of yet, but it quite likely that Trump will go tweet about them if he finds the coverage to be negative in any way.

Unbecoming behavior

The sort of behavior is nothing new from Donald Trump, but these frequent outbursts through his Twitter account are definitely unbecoming of the President of the United States.

Weaponizing his Twitter account to go after perceived enemies, in such course language, has been going on for months. It is not a surprise that even some important members of the Republican Party have had to condemn his behavior.

Donald Trump had earlier gone after CNN following the retraction of a story this week and today he tweeted about the network yet again.

He called the network '#FakeNews' and went on to describe their brand of journalism as being 'garbage'.

It is another instance of the President using the sort of language that is completely at odds with the behavior that Americans expect from their President. Two days ago, he had called Brzezinski, “low IQ Crazy Mika” and went on to say that she was 'bleeding badly' because of a facelift. Donald Trump has been in a constant state of conflict with certain sections of the media and had even gone so far as to brand them 'enemy of the American people'.