The US warned it was ready to stop North Korea's nuclear missile program by force after the test launching a Ballistic Missile that could hit the Hawaiian islands and the part of Alaska, according to the Reuters.

The UN Security Council conducted an emergency meeting in connection with another North Korean missile test The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwaseon-14 launched on Tuesday fell near the economic zone of Japan on the eve of the US Independence Day.

The US is ready to defend itself and its allies from DPRK

Nikki Haley, The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N, told in a meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday that The U.S.

was ready to use the full range of opportunities to protect itself and its allies from the North Korea's intention to take extreme actions. Haley said the US would propose new U.N. Sanctions on North Korea and warned that if China and Russia did not support the new sanctions then they would choose their own path.

What steps should be taken?

According to the Haley, in order to stop North Korea, there should be restrictions on the flow of oil to North Korean weapons programs and their military. She said the US could increase the maritime and air restrictions and cutting off the hard currency's sources to the North Korean regime by the international community.

According to the US diplomats, Bejing has not been fully enforcing international sanctions on its neighbor country.

Haley said China could help in enforcing U.N. Sanctions on North Korea. The U.N. Ambassador of China, Lie Jieyi called the missile launch a flagrant violation of U.N. resolutions and it was unacceptable.

Russia called for the abolition of the deployment of missile defense systems in South Korea

This week, during the G20 summit meeting in Germany, Trump and other leaders will discuss the steps to stop the DPRK weapons program.

On Wednesday, Russia's deputy U.N. envoy called for an immediate cessation and further abolition of the deployment of missile defense systems in South Korea. The US representative left such remarks without comment and spoke in defense of the resolution that had not yet been submitted.

The U.S. military was confident about the defending the U.S.

against North Korean ballistic missile and assured all Americans about it. Last month, Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis noted that U.S. missile interceptor knocked down the simulated North Korean ballistic missile.