A woman was taken into custody by Gwinnett County Police early Thursday after a 911 call was made to report the stabbing deaths of a man and four children. According to police it was the mother, who is the suspect, who made the call. A fifth child, a young girl, survived the stabbing but is in the hospital with serious injuries.

Five bodies found by Gwinnett County Police

Gwinnett County Police spokeswoman Cpl. Michele Pihera said five bodies were discovered at the scene in Loganville in Georgia. Police later released a statement to say that the unnamed woman who made the 911 call at 4:47 a.m.

Thursday is believed to have stabbed her husband and five children, killing all but one girl. While the mother is the suspect, police have so far made no charges. It is unknown whether the woman received any injuries in the incident.

Mother in custody, suspected of the stabbing

Pihera said the woman was taken into custody and is currently at Gwinnett County Police headquarters being interviewed. Although no charges have been made, Pihera said that they believe they have everyone involved in the crime, adding that she does not want the community to believe there is still a dangerous person at large. Police did obtain a warrant and are searching the home for any evidence related to the stabbing.

Speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pihera said the woman spoke Spanish during the 911 call, which initially caused communication issues. According to Pihera the father appeared to be in his mid-30s, while the four children looked to be under the age of 10.

While the medical examiner still has to make a final determination on the cause of death, early indications seem to show that a knife was used to stab the family.

Fox 5 reported that police said the motive for the killing is not yet known. However, a neighbor, Victoria Nievs, did say the woman’s father had recently passed away and that the woman was very upset.

Family was new to the neighborhood

According to neighbors in the largely Hispanic neighborhood, the family had recently moved into the community and their children were happy playing with the other kids in the area.

The children participated in an after-school program, The Path Project. Jim Hollandsworth, a spokesman for the project, said the Spanish-speaking family had only been in the community for a few months. He said the children were fluent in English even though it was their second language.

Hollandsworth went on to say that it was devastating news and that they are all in complete shock. He said the children were engaged in the project and were happy kids with a bright future.