The rift between US President Donald Trump and media publication CNN since the beginning of this year have been visible to all. The Twitter rants between the two have been going on for quite some time and CNN is back with another below-the-belt blow for the US President. In a recent report, the publication stated that most of President Trump’s tweets are somehow or other related to CNN’sMorning Joe host Jake Tapper.

Donald Trump tweets are linked to CNN's 'Morning Joe'

CNN posted a video recently that breaks down most of the tweets made by Donald Trump and categorizes them in a way that allows viewers to understand how the former pretty much finds relevance linked to CNN’s "Morning Joe" host Jake Tapper.

While Donald Trump hasn’t personally responded to this accusation, he did take a dig at CNN earlier this morning when he shared a video of him ‘beating up’ CNN. President Donald Trump’s use of social media has long been under scrutiny by the citizens as well as media publications. He has made use of abrasive language on quite a few occasions. When questioned about the same, Trump has responded in defense stating that it is nothing but a modern-day presidential.

Recently, President even attacked the members that criticized his social media use. He said that his goal of beating fake news has been accomplished and that’s all that he really wants. At an event held in Kennedy Center during the weekend, the president addressed this issue again.

He claimed that the fake media was trying to silence him and his followers and be will not let them do that. He said that the fake media attempted at stopping him and his members from going to the White House but they clearly failed as he still managed to become the President.

Donald Trump and CNN

Sometime last week, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to speak about CNN and the morning show host, Jake Tapper.

He started off by calling ‘Morning show with Joe’ a poorly rated segment. Then he said that he knows that he was speaking badly of him. The very next day, Donald Trump called MSNBC morning show, a fake news publication. He was particularly talking about the National Enquirer article through his statement. CNN since then hasn’t responded to Donald Trump.

It doesn't appear like either one of them is willing to give in and the fans and followers are witnesses to it. Let’s see what CNN has to respond to US President Donald Trump’s latest backlash. There’s still a lot of time until he finishes his post as the president and this is bound to keep happening over and over again.