Gov. Chris Christie has caused another scene at the ballpark after he confronted baseball fan, who called him out during a match between Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs on Sunday. In fact, the encounter was captured on camera which immediately spread like a wildfire online.

Christie confronts critic at Milwaukee game

In the said video, the New Jersey governor was seen leaning over the Cubs fan while saying something inaudible. After giving his lecture, Chris Christie walked out with a bowl of nachos on his left hand. When asked what the politician told him, the baseball fan said that the GOP member told him that he was acting like a "big shot."

Ben Hutchison, a reporter for WISN12 station, claimed that the man, Brad Joseph, is his relative, who told him what happened before the confrontation took place.

According to him, Brad Joseph called Chris Christie a "hypocrite because [he] thought it needed to be said."

His message was clearly received by the New Jersey governor who turned to approach and tell him off. Brad Joseph said Chris Christie yelled at him and asked, "Why don't you have another beer?" in which he thought was a funny comeback from the politician. "Then he started calling me a tough guy," the baseball fan added as cited by the Huffington Post.

This is not the first time Chris Christie has caused a scene at the ballpark for this month alone. On July 19, the Republican was enjoying a game between New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals when he caught a foul pitch with his left hand.

Although his left-handed grab was impressive, baseball fans inside the arena mercilessly booed the governor until he gave the baseball to a young kid seated near him.

Even the commentators seemingly attack Chris Christie over his recent controversy in the course of New Jersey lock down earlier this month.

Governor enjoys closed public beach after lock down order

It can be recalled that the governor came under fire after he was photographed enjoying the New Jersey sun and state-owned beach with his family and colleagues after he ordered a temporary lock down in New Jersey due to an impasse on government budget.

He was even more criticized for seemingly lying that he did not get "any sun" on that day before his photos by the New Jersey beach were released to the public. He was later defended by Brian Murray, who explained that his boss was wearing a baseball hat which protected him from sun exposure during his 45-minute stay on the closed public beach.