Los Angeles has finally reached a deal with International Olympics Committee (IOC) to host the 2028 Olympic games in the city. As per a news release, the Log Angeles Organizing Committee will receive funds from IOC to conduct youth sports program and train them well in advance ahead of the 2028 Olympics. The deal has also allowed Paris to host 2024 Olympics. The last time IOC announced dual award was in 1921 when it awarded the 1924 Olympics to Paris and 1928 Olympics to Amsterdam.

Los Angeles will receive a huge sum of $1.8 billion from IOC for organizing and conducting the games.

Depending upon the sponsors and the new marketing strategies, the funding may exceed to $2 billion.

When will IOC make an official announcement?

IOC will make a formal announcement once the agreement is approved by the Los Angeles city council and U.S. Olympic Committee board of directors. The agreement is expected to be approved by the end of August, and the IOC confirmation on the host cities will be made on September 13 in Peru.

USA Today reported that Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor said, “This day would be a memorable one in the history of Los Angeles as we have taken the major step in bringing back the games to our city after a very long period of time.”

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo burst out in happiness and thanked IOC president Thomas Bach for voting them to host the Olympic Games.

They greeted the IOC decision saying it was a golden opportunity which they have been waiting for a long time.

What did Thomas Bach say about IOC dual awards?

USA Today reported that Thomas Bach, President of IOC said, “We thank Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic committee for accepting the decision to host 2028 Olympics. They proved to be one of the potential candidatures and implemented all the needed facilities and encouraged the participation of youth by conducting youth sports program.

We are confident of reaching a smooth agreement with Paris and Los Angeles under the leadership of IOC and thereby creating a win-win situation for all the three parties involved. We are also sure that the deal will encourage the people of Los Angeles to have a healthy lifestyle for the next 11 years.”

The last time when the USA hosted the Olympics was in 1996 in Atlanta.

Since then U.S. Olympic Committee has been fighting hard to bring the summer games back to the country. Their bids for 2012 with New York and 2016 with Chicago failed. Likewise, Paris also failed three times before securing the 2024 Olympics.