A new Study claims that a person who regularly drinks wine and beer could benefit from it because it reduces the Risk of diabetes. Both beer and wine were found out to be the top drinks that helped in reducing the risk of acquiring the illness.

Drinking alcohol three to four times a week will help with the reduction of the risk. In women, the risk is decreased by 32 percent, while in men, the risk is reduced by 27 percent. Wine is the number one alcohol that helps with the risk reduction while the beer comes in second. The study was led by Professor Janne Tolstrup of the University of Southern Denmark.

Researchers studied this for five years

The researchers published their findings in the European medical journal dedicated to diabetes called Diabetologia. More than 70,000 Danish participants took part of the study, and their drinking habits were tracked for the past five years.

Out of the 70,000 sample population, 859 men and 887 women developed diabetes. It was not specified how many developed type 1 and how many of them developed type 2, but the researchers said that they found out those who drank alcohol frequently from those who developed the illness were least at risk. It was observed that 14 drinks per week for men and nine drinks per week in women helped lower the risk.

However, experts found that those who drink clear spirits like gin and vodka increased the chances of a woman developing the illness further.

Women who drink this type of liquor could suffer from an 83 percent increase in the risk.

Findings not a reason for excessive drinking

These researchers also pointed out that alcohol consumption still varies individually, so their findings are not a ticket for excessive drinking. Dr. Emily Burns, the head of Research Communications at Diabetes UK, emailed CNBC and said that people should still be cautious regarding the findings.

She specifically pointed out that Type 2 diabetes risk is very complicated because so many factors could trigger it such as family history, age, ethnicity, and weight.

Past studies also concluded regular alcohol consumption decreased diabetes risk

CNN reported that past studies also concluded that regular and moderate drinking lowered the chances of a person from developing diabetes.

The World Health Organization itself acknowledged the fact that light to moderate drinking may be beneficial with regard to diabetes. However, these studies cleared that heavy and excessive drinking could lead to greater risk. Excessive drinking of people with diabetes could lead to high blood sugar and weight gain.