Oklahomans around the state thought the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw was over. He was found guilty of several counts, mostly sexual assault, and sexual misconduct charges, but the case doesn't end there. According to a July 7 report by Fox 25 News, there are now secret hearings being held regarding the Holtzclaw case.

It appears the case may have to be reopened. The secret hearings have been connected to the Oklahoma City Deputy Chief of Police. According to the previously mentioned Fox 25 News report, he has been seen going to the closed-door, secret hearings.

Campbell Ruddock was also seen going to the same secret meetings. He is the supervisor of the DNA expert who testified against Daniel Holtzclaw. The alleged expert specifically testified regarding the DNA found on the zipper of Holtzclaw's police uniform. During his testimony, he stated the DNA was a match for one of the victims. That victim was not named in the case against Holtzclaw.

DNA evidence and testimony questioned

The testimony of the DNA expert has been called into question. After the Holtzclaw trial, other experts have reviewed the same DNA sample. Those outside experts found DNA that did not belong to Daniel Holtzclaw or the alleged female victim. That DNA belongs to an unknown male.

There have been over half a dozen additional forensic science experts look at the DNA evidence and testimony. They have voiced their concerns about the evidence and testimony, but their reports have been denied by the court of appeals. It is believed this is why there are now secret, closed-door hearings taking place.

Now, the Oklahoma Attorney General's office has become involved in the Holtzclaw case.

They became involved around the same time as a request to intervene was filed by Brent Turvey. Turvey is an internationally renowned forensic scientist and criminologist.

It was confirmed by Fox 25 News that Ruddock was made aware of the issues with the DNA expert used in the case against Daniel Holtzclaw. Despite this, no one involved in the secret hearings will talk about what is going on during the hearings.

Exactly what is going on during those hearings is being kept secret.

More problems for the Oklahoma City Police Department?

All of could cause more problems for the Oklahoma City Police Department and their expert DNA witness. According to the previously mentioned Fox 25 News report, this could cause other criminal cases to be examined again. This would be due to the alleged Expert Testimony by the expert used by the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Let us know what you think. Could this be enough to clear Daniel Holtzclaw, who has maintained his innocence throughout the trial and sentencing? Will this cause problem with other criminal cases? How far back could these problems go? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.