On Friday, North Korea launched an (ICBM) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which seems to be a series of tests to see if they can reach large U.S. cities, experts say, and new sanctions have been implimented by the United States and its allies such as South Korea and Japan.

The United States, South Korea, and Japan said the launch took place in Mopyong-ni, near the North Korean border with China. Satelite images show that the rocket traveled for 45 minutes and covered a distance of about 3700 kilometers.

North Korea's nuclear capabilities

David Wright, a rocket expert at the Associated Scientists Union said if the missiles were launched on a standard ferry, it would have major US cities like Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago within its reach and also the possibility of reaching Boston and New York.

But the early test conducted on Friday cannot determine how heavy the missile is to carry the shells in the warhead, as the more difficult the load the shorter the range, Wright said

South Korean authorities say they believe the missile tested on Friday was more advanced than the one test-fired earlier this month, based on the range it traveled. Experts say the evidence shows that Pyongyang has the capability of hitting Alaska.

However, US President Trump condemned in totality the launch of a missile and said the United States would act to protect itself and its allies.

Pyongyang declares test successful

According to the Guardian, The Pyongyang News Agency announced on Saturday that the latest launch of the Hwasong-14 rocket was the same rocket that the country tested earlier this month.

Friday's test was designed to show Hwasong-14's maximum range with a big kernel, the statement read, adding that Washington should consider the launch as a strong warning.

North Korean state media announced the test was a huge success, and videos and pictures show that North Korean leader Kim was leading the opening and celebrating with members of the army.

North Korea welcomes the test, the agency said. Kim Yu Chol, a scientist at the State Academy of Sciences, termed the achievement another big victory that has severely hit the American imperialists and Vassal powers. Joe Son Hyang, a resident of Pyongyang, says the future of the country is bright when it has a powerful sword for maintaining peace.

Kim said the entire US mainland is now within North Korean range. He described Pyongyang’s missile program as valuable assets which, according to the agency, cannot be changed or replaced