The vegan diet is one that many have resorted to, but at the same time, it is one that many don't recommend. A professional Nutritionist named Sophie confirms this message. She said that "It's very complicated to make sure a vegan diet is safe and adequate - I'd never recommend it." Much controversy lies on this whole topic, since those who are vegan claim that it is safe.

But of course there are others that disagree. According to those who are vegan, the Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics claims that a properly planned vegan diet is healthy for people at all stages.

BUT, those planned vegan diets include supplements because you cant get it from the food. Everyone has different views on the vegan diet. In Italy it has definitely been looked down upon. A story came out about parents in Italy who imposed vegan diets on their kids were then held accountable for facing jail time. This was in August of 2016. So is the plant-based diet healthy? Or is it not safe?

Foods that vegans eat and promote

The big thing at the end of the day the vegan diet healthy? Also the most complicated thing about veganism is attempting to answer the question "so what do you eat then?" For starters you can eat: spinach, avocado, sweet potato, sprouts, lettuce, peas, broccoli and cauliflower.

These are all good for various B vitamins. There is nothing wrong with including these foods in our diets or increasing our intake of them. But what about the vegan diet for kids? According to research and reports from nutritionists, infants who follow the diet, which excludes meat, fish, dairy and honey, this results in weight loss.

Children's health

Some food for thought to provide. According to research, the number of people corresponding themselves as vegan has increased by a large amount. Although vegan diets are healthy, which is a step in the right direction, they can inevitably cause serious health issues in babies and younger children. This can occur if their parents don't put the effort in, to guarantee that they’re kids are getting all the proper vitamins.

If children don’t get proper nutrients for example, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc and high-quality protein while growing, it could result in damage to there bodies and better yet their nervous systems. In addition, it means malnutrition. This is the last thing you want for your children, especially at a young age. Eating healthy should mean longevity and not decreasing longevity.

Important to know

Everything in moderation is crucial. Too little protein can progress to stunted growth, while too much fibre can cause children to feel full too fast. This permits them getting other nutrients and enough of them. It is also vital to note that mothers who are vegan and who breastfeed also need to be cautious.

They need to know that their children can attain vitamin B12 deficiency between two and 12 months. This is because of the shortage of reserves in their body at birth. These are all things to take into account if you are considering going vegan. This is why supplements are recommended to be taken along with this diet. But do we really want to be relying on vitamins all the time? And do you want your kids taking supplements at a young age? Overall, the vegan diet is healthy and safe to an extent. But when we are looking at younger children, this is where the red flag comes up. While you want your kids to eat healthy starting at a young age, you have to stop and think what is too drastic of a push.