A man shot and killed his wife during a heated argument while inside an Uber. The man claimed he could not remember that he shot his wife and revealed he has been drinking before the incident. The man, identified as 31-year-old Cameron Espitia, was with his wife, 29-year-old Jennifer Espitia over the weekend. A few minutes after midnight on Sunday, per the Uber driver, Jennifer and Cameron argued on their way home. The driver said Cameron was in the back seat of the car while Jennifer stayed on the passenger seat. Cameron kept on cursing at his wife and then he eventually shot her.

Initially, the Uber driver believed a tire got busted but realized later that Jennifer was shot, KRQE News 13 reported.

Cameron told Uber driver to continue driving

The Uber driver did not call police at once because Cameron ordered him to keep driving. Cameron eventually told the driver to pull over and that was when the latter called 911, CBS News shared. They were a few miles from their home when the shooting took place.

It is unclear where Cameron intended to go when he got off but he was arrested near where the Uber stopped. Police found his pistol in an ankle holster. He admitted he had been drinking and added that he was not having a good night with his wife. Cameron did not outright tell officials that he shot his wife dead.

Suspect could not remember shooting wife

Cameron told police later that he did not remember what took place. He noted he did not have a good memory of what transpired inside the Uber and could not remember being in the vehicle. Cameron also told investigators he could only remember waking up in the bushes and wondering why he was there.

It is unclear if Cameron and Jennifer were already together when the former started drinking. Police did not say what Jennifer and Cameron were arguing about before it escalated to the shooting death of his wife. Cameron and Jennifer have been married for a few years. It is unknown if they have children together.

Husband facing homicide charges

Cameron is now facing homicide in the death of Jennifer. He is being held on a $3 million bond. Jennifer worked as a peer educator at Planned Parenthood and also worked at a daycare center. She also volunteered in Mexico. Cameron, on the other hand, worked for the U.S. Coast Guard. The defense team of Cameron asked for a lower bail. It has not been confirmed yet if the request was confirmed or denied. He is set to appear in court on Thursday.