An Armed Robbery took place at a restaurant in Madison a few days ago. The robbers entered Culver's restaurant wearing masks and armed with guns. They held a workers crew in there at gunpoint and forced contractor Chris Kneubuehl to open a safe for them. The father suffered a heart attack and subsequently died. Nicholas A. Ivy was arrested on Friday, June 30. Police are still searching for the second Man involved in the robbery.

Man arrested in connection with the robbery

A 32-year-old man was arrested in connection with the robbery at Culver's restaurant in Madison.

Nicholas A. Ivy was arrested on Monday, July 2. According to Journal Sentinel, police have DNA which links Ivy to the crime scene. Police have not yet located the second man involved in the robbery. There have been a series of similar robberies carried out by a 17-year-old in the recent weeks. Police have strong reason to believe that that this individual is their culprit.

Ivy is being held on charges of felony murder and armed robbery. The robber has a past criminal record. In 2004 he was arrested on five counts of robbery and a further two counts of false imprisonment and burglary. Ivy served 12 years in prison as a result of his 2004 arrest. He was released last year in 2016 after serving his entire prison term.

Chris Kneubuehl died during the armed robbery

The 56-year-old father was in the restaurant during the time of the robbery. He worked as a contractor and was doing some renovation work installing tiles. Kneubuehl was approached by the two robbers who were both wearing masks and armed with guns. They took Chris to a safe and made him use his tools to open it for them.

He was held at gunpoint for over 45 minutes. Chris Kneubuehl the suffered a heart attack and was left by the robbers for several minutes.

Chris rejoined the rest of his crew in part of the restaurant while the two robbers gathered the money. According to State Journal, the assailants did not call emergency services until several minutes later.

Once they called for help for Kneubuehl they fled the scene. By the time the emergency services arrived there was nothing they could do for Chris. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A fundraiser is being held for Kneubuehl's family.

Police are currently searching for the second individual involved in the robbery. They are also trying to connect Nicholas A. Ivy to a series of robberies which occurred earlier on in the year. As of yet, there have been no further comments about the investigation.