People consider themselves Lucky if they win one lottery. However, Rosa Dominguez, a 19-year old teenager from California proved to be having an extremely lucky week after she won two in the same week. Dominguez managed to do the impossible by earning a total $655,555 within one week by winning two state lotteries in seven days.

California teen wins double lottery: lady luck smiles twice

19-year old Dominguez, at first won the grand prize of $555,555 by scratching a 5 scratch-off ticket worth $5, which she purchased from a gas station located in Paso Robles, California.

After her first massive win, Dominguez told the lottery that she was so nervous that she felt like crying. However, the surprises were not over as Rosa tested another $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher ticket to try her luck after her first win.

The second ticket was bought just a few days after her first lottery win from another gas station in Greenfield, Monterey County, California. She later discovered that she had won the jackpot worth $100,000 from the second ticket as well. Dominguez won a total of $655,555 without the inclusion of taxes, which will be deducted from the payout. Rosa has already planned how to splurge her newfound riches. The teenager plans to buy a new car with her lottery money and has also decided to go on a shopping spree.

A streak of luck: the first person to win twice?

The teen is not the only American to hit the jackpot of a lottery two times. In 2016, a construction worker from New York City, Bruce Magistro won a lottery worth $1 million for the second time. This win came after a span of four years after his first.

Magistro stated that he won the $1 million prize money by scratching 10 scratch-off tickets that he purchased for $20 on the day of the result announcement.

He won the jackpot on the first ticket out of the other ten he purchased. However, in terms of luck he does not even come close to the Californian teenager. While the teen won two lotteries back to back within a week, Magistro had to wait for four years to hit the jackpot the second time.

He won his first lottery in 2012 and spent most of the amount for the treatment of his late wife who died fighting cancer.

He believes that the second lottery was his wife’s way of sending help for her family. Magistro said that he plays lottery every day and for his second win he purchased a set of the Win for Life scratch-offs from Mike's Super Citgo in West Babylon.