After six months in the White House, Donald Trump and the First Family are celebrating their first Independence Day in office. For First Lady Melania Trump, her 4Th Of July tweet didn't go over as well as many in the administration had hoped.

Melania on 4th of July

When Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president, he did so on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City in the summer of 2015. With the media in a frenzy, Trump made the announcement with his wife by his side. While initially remaining out of the spotlight, Melania Trump was highlighted during a speech at the Republican National Convention last summer, which quickly came under fire for the apparent plagiarism of a previous speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

As time went on, Melania would be kept off to the side, not interfering or offering comments on Trump's campaign. Following the results of the election, Melania announced that her target issue would be to end cyber bullying, which was met with laughs of irony due to the president's controversial use of social media. As seen on her Twitter account on July 4, Melania decided to send out a special greeting for Independence Day.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday was Melania Trump as the first lady posted a routine greeting to observe the 4th of July.

"Happy Independence Day," Melania tweeted, while using several U.S.A emojis. "We are the land of the free because of the brave," she continued, while adding, "Thank you to the heroes who serve!" As expected, critics of the administration were quick to give their thoughts.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Melania Trump's 4th of July message on Twitter, those who oppose Donald Trump and the First Family made their thoughts known.

"Yes, thank you to those who served," Holly O'Reilly sarcastically tweeted while posting several memes about the president highlighting his five deferments during the Vietnam War.

"I'm celebrating the freedom of the press," one Twitter user wrote in a shot at Donald Trump's war on the media.

"Unlike your orange DraftDodgerInChief husband! But yes, thanks to our TRUE patriots who served!!!" another tweet went on to read. "Looking for the source you stole that from. I'm sure it's out there," a tweet noted in mockery of her aforementioned alleged plagiarism of Michelle Obama.

"Remember, your husband got 5 deferments, called dating in NYC his personal Vietnam," yet another Twitter user pointed out. "He's not serving his country.

He's making everything horrible through deregulation and playing golf a lot," a tweet stated. As the backlash continued, it revealed that even on Independence Day partisan politics was not going to be put on hold anytime soon.