The efforts of the United States - led coalition forces has finally paid dividends. ISIS has been ousted from the city of Raqqa, which it had occupied in 2013 and treated it as a de-facto capital, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have regained control of all high-speed routes going into the city.

According to British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SDF have driven ISIS militants out of all the remaining villages they had occupied. Obviously, this is a major victory for the SDF and a setback for ISIS which is gradually losing ground.

Recent developments in Syria and Iraq

Daily Mail UK reports that Iraqi forces have taken over control of an iconic mosque in Mosul. This was the last major stronghold of ISIS in Iraq. The recapture of Raqqa is a strategic move because it seals the area, blocks any escape route to an alternate location and leaves the militants with no other alternative but to fight to the end. Colonel Joe Scrocca, spokesman for the United States -led coalition, has appreciated the strategy of the SDF around the Euphrates River.

According to sources in Baghdad, it appears that the ISIS leadership has left and the fighters are on their own which helped the SDF to clear a lot of territory in and around Raqqa. The advance toward Raqqa had been launched last year when Kurdish-led forces set free portions of the province from ISIS militants.

The intensity of the battle to regain Raqqa began early this month when fighters descended on it from all directions. As to Iraq, the authorities have successfully taken over a mosque in Mosul where the ISIS leader had declared as its 'caliphate' via an audio recording. Later, he appeared in person and that was nearly three years ago.

The ISIS effect on the world

ISIS has unleashed unimaginable violence, not only in Iraq and Syria, all over the world. This organized terrorism has brought like-minded nations together to join forces and fight the terrorists. The violence has led to the deaths of thousands of innocents and forced people to flee from their homelands.

There were humanitarian concerns about education of children, breakdown of the healthcare systems, and even shortage of food and medicine.

Under the circumstances, regaining control of the Syrian city of Raqqa by the United States - led coalition forces is a major achievement in the global fight against the militant group. Reports in the media indicate that ISIS is losing ground and there are even rumors about the wellbeing of its leader. It is a fact that ISIS has spread its tentacles far and wide and its ideology has spawned a new breed of terrorists who carry out lone wolf attacks – he could be the boy next door. Therefore, all the nations must rise as one to rid the world of this menace.