Earlier this month, a shooting took place at a Gender Reveal party and the attack resulted in one death. Initially, it was reported that the woman who revealed she was having a Baby Boy, lost her baby after the attack but police later found out that she was not pregnant in the first place.

The 21-year-old woman, identified as Cheyanne Willis, was shot in the leg after two armed men went into the home where the gender reveal party took place. Some of the guests remained at the home after the party and shortly before they were set to watch a movie, the two suspects came in.

Later, Willis claimed she lost her baby after she was shot in the leg.

One of the partygoers died. She was identified as Autum Garrett, 21, and died due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Colerain Police in Cincinnati dismayed by latest finding

Police in the Cincinnati town said that hours and days were wasted after they tried to solve the crime. The Colerain Police Department noted that they chased “bogus leads” and lies that were provided to the investigators who worked on the case, CNN reported. They also added that vacation leave was cancelled by the investigators because they wanted to solve the case.

It is unclear how the police were misled with the information they received. They also did not say if they received any vital information regarding the suspects who fired on the nine people inside the home.

Police also told People that the information regarding Willis’ pregnancy was not made to embarrass anyone but to let people understand better that the force faced challenges in trying to solve the crime. The department said that they hoped their time could have been spent on true leads that could have led to arrests of the suspects.

Family of Cheyanne Willis claimed she was pregnant

The family of Willis claimed that she was indeed pregnant. Police did not say how they discovered that Willis was not. Her family said that Willis was very excited to be a mother because she already suffered a miscarriage before and she has been wanting to have a child.

Willis posed for photos posted on her social media during the gender party reveal.

Her baby bump was noticeable and she said that she was expecting a baby boy. Willis is reportedly devastated over the loss of her baby.

Police spokesman James Love said that if Willis really lied and put everyone else’s lives in danger, it is possible that prosecutors could charge her. Three kids, ages two, six, and eight, were also at the after-party and were wounded during the shooting.