According to police in Nashville, Tennessee, they have on Wednesday arrested Christopher Drew McLawhorn, 24, for the stabbing of Nashville nurse, Tiffany Ferguson, 23, late in February. McLawhorn has been charged with both criminal homicide and aggravated burglary. The police department tweeted the news Wednesday night.

Nashville nurse stabbed to death in her bedroom

WBIR quoted a statement by the Metro Nashville Police Department, which said Ferguson was stabbed to death in her bedroom in what was reportedly a “random” attack, while the alleged killer was in the process of robbing her condo.

Police said the nurse, who worked at St. Thomas West Hospital in Nashville, confronted the intruder which led to the attack and her death.

McLawhorn caught on video tape

Police said McLawhorn was a suspect after they pulled CCTV video from Ferguson’s apartment building showing a man trying the doors of parked cars in the early morning of the day Ferguson died. Reportedly the video footage showed the man finding an unlocked car and rummaging through the vehicle at around 5.00 a.m. The video ended up being a key component in the police case against McLawhorn. According to police, McLawhorn had also been seen roaming around different locations in the area where Ferguson lived.

Police believe Ferguson then decided to check for unlocked apartments in the building and that he got lucky with Ferguson’s door, entering the condo and searching for valuables.

According to police, he left the apartment with stolen goods on at least one occasion, placing them outside before reentering the condo to continue his search.

While Ferguson was initially been arrested on Sunday relating to a marijuana charge, on Wednesday investigators reportedly had enough evidence to charge McLawhorn with Tiffany's death.

Roommate awoken by screams

On the morning it happened, the nurse’s roommate was reportedly awoken by piercing screams. When she ran out of her bedroom she reportedly saw the front door wide open, then she discovered Ferguson dying in her bedroom and dialed 911.

Tiffany Ferguson helped homeless people in her area

WSGW quotes Ferguson’s sister, 32-year-old Molly Cox as saying Ferguson was a caring person, who had lived in the condo for just under a year. She was reportedly a nurse in the intensive care unit at St. Thomas West Hospital and had been known to give money and food to homeless people in her immediate area.