26-year old singer and songwriter Hailey Reinhart was recently arrested and charged with one count of battery after punching a bar bouncer in suburban Chicago last weekend. Contrary to the charges, Reinhart said that the pub staff was the one who assaulted her. Reinhart's attorney said that the singer is prepared for any legal action and was due to appear in court on August 2 for a trial.

Reinhart punched a bouncer after being escorted outside the pub

The police received a call of a disturbance last Saturday around 2 a.m. regarding the commotion at the Lamplighter Inn Tavern & Grille at 60 N Bothwell Street in Palatine.

According to some witnesses inside the bar, the former 'American Idol' contestant and her friends were being tossed outside the bar after overturning a table. As they were being escorted outside by the pub bouncers, Reinhart started arguing and punched one of the bouncers in the head.

According to pub staffs, Reinhart and her friends were led outside because they were creating a scene inside. They said that they "just did what they had to do." Since there are many witnesses who saw the violent behavior of Reinhart, the singer was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and will have to appear in Rolling Meadows' court on August 2.

Reinhart claims that the 'bouncers assaulted them without provocation'

According to the singer's attorney Dina LaPolt, Reinhart and her friends were assaulted first by the Lamplighter Inn staff. They claimed that Reinhart and her friends were forcefully removed in the bar. She also allegedly said that some of her friends were violently beaten up by the bouncers, who sustained serious injuries.

Dina LaPolt told that one of her client's friends have suffered multiple injuries because of the beatings. According to her, the injuries sustained is a favorable factor for the claims of her client. LaPolt further believes Reinhart "will be exonerated of all charges once the investigation is completed." When asked about any comments about the incident, both managers of Reinhart and the Lamplighter Inn refused to leave any replies.

Neither of the two parties could be reached as of the moment.

Hailey Reinhart made her way to stardom when she landed third place in 'American Idol' season 10, in which Scotty McCreery won the season. Hailey Reinhart came from northwest suburban Wheeling and currently lives in Encino, California.