According to reports received by the campus of the North Carolina State University, three female students were sexually assaulted by male students at a party on Friday, July 21. The police are currently looking into the three individual complaints of sexual assault. According to the police, the sexual assaults were committed by students who were known to the victims at the party. The assault took place at a party that was being held in Wolf Village.

NCSU students face sexual assault charges

The law enforcement officials have requested anyone with information on the incident to come forward and call the campus police.

Apart from this, the police have declined to give any more information regarding the incident. The officials said that the media will be given information.

The students at the university learned about the incident on Sunday, July 23. A sophomore and a resident of Wolf Village stated that it was a “little scary” to get the alert about the sexual assault incident. She further stated that this incident will make a lot of people anxious when having friends over at her place or making new connections since no one will be aware how things will pan out or what their actual intentions are.

Officials from the university have stated that they are treating these allegations and complaints with utmost seriousness and will continue to investigate the matter.

The sophomore is hopeful that the other party attendees will help the law enforcement as well as the college management in this investigation rather than indulging in victim shaming or staying quiet about the incident.

The sophomore stated that following complaints of incidents such as these, it has become common to shame the victim instead of focusing on trying to nab the suspects.

The latest statistics reveal that the numbers of sexual assaults at the North Carolina State University are at a rise with eight cases being reported in 2015 and three in 2014.

Assault occurred at NCSU’s upscale student residence community

The university’s housing website describes Wolf Village as an apartment-styled residence on campus.

The website states that the residents of Wolf Village are mostly upper-class residents who rent out the spaces to get the advantage of apartment living within the college’s campus. Students of legal drinking age are allowed to bring alcohol inside their residence halls. However, the police have not mentioned if alcohol was a factor in the assaults.