United States President Donald Trump is known for his share of truly bizarre speeches and yesterday's speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree in West Virginia is the latest in the long line of such speeches. Rather than going for an apolitical speech, which is usually the tradition, Trump's speech was reminiscent of a campaign speech. He attacked the media as well as political opponents and also attacked Obamacare during the speech.

An incredible speech

The Boys Scouts Jamboree speech delivered by Presidents is meant to inspire young minds and is usually supposed to be apolitical, but true to form, Donald Trump, delivered a speech that has drawn widespread criticism.

During the speech, The President attacked Hillary Clinton before going on to attack the 'fake news' media and did not spare former President Barack Obama either. Although he started the speech by saying, "Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts? Right?", It did not stay that way for long. For instance, George W. Bush's speech at the Jamboree back in 2005 was completely apolitical and urged the Boy Scouts to be helpful to others.

What was even more bizarre that the President had to bring up his triumph in the Presidential election last November and then attacked the political establishment in Washington DC with some choice words. During his campaign, he had described the establishment as a 'swamp, will' but yesterday he described it as a 'cesspool' and a 'sewer.' It was well and truly an astonishing speech.

Those comments drew applause from the crowd.

A performance

As everyone has realized by now, Donald Trump can get audiences on his side through rousing speeches and yesterday's performance was no different.

The proof that the crowd of Boy Scouts had been roused by the speech was evident in the 'We Love Trump' chants that echoed across the arena. Trump also evoked the Boy Scout past of the Health Secretary Tom Price to attack Obamacare and went on to say that he hoped that would help him in getting the votes in order to repeal the 'horrible thing' that is Obamacare.

However, the President's most incredible attack was on Obama when he questioned the crowd if the former President had ever visited them. Although it is true that Obama had not come to the Jamboree in person, he has sent a video message to the Boy Scouts back in 2010. Obama had also been a Boy Scout in his youth, unlike Trump. He also promised that this was not going to be a one off visit to the Jamboree and the President will indeed be back at some point again in the future.