On Wednesday Christopher A. Wray, President Trump's candidate to become the Director of FBI took the aforementioned positions at his confirmation hearing. A sudden ray of relief ran through Washington. He dismissed the possibility that the investigation concerning the connection between Russia and the Trump campaign was a "witch hunt", as commented earlier by Mr. Trump.

Earlier that day, in the morning, the president claimed on Twitter that the probe, which incorporates investigation claims of a connection between Trump's campaign and Russia "is going to be the greatest Witch Hunt in political history." This came one day after his son and namesake discharged an email chain demonstrating that he was anxious to acknowledge opposition research depicted as coming from the Russian government.

Mr. Wray 50, who was a long-term official of Justice Department, and as of late, has also acted as a private criminal defense lawyer has rejected the idea of taking an individual loyalty vow to the president.

Wray’s Q&A Details

He confronted inquiries related to many issues, with legislators flame broiling the officials of previous justice department over how he would differentiate himself from Comey and also, how able he is to lead the bureau and the prominent investigation process without support or fear.

  • Wray guaranteed that he wouldn't stream any impedance with the investigation process of Russia’s interference in the election and conceivable ties between Trump campaign and the Russia. It was driven by special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI chief.
  • Mr. Wray announced that: "His loyalty is to the Constitution, to the governing of law, and to the mission of the FBI.
  • Mr. Wray was asked how he would react to Mr. Trump's private invitation, to which he replied that such a meeting would be profoundly far-fetched. He included though, that it would depend on the conditions and if national security was included.
  • Mr. Wray additionally said that he would endeavor to work with the department of justice to guarantee that "it's not a face-to-face encounter".
  • He said at a Senate hearing that if the president will request him to do anything unlawful, he would leave his position.
  • On asking about emails having related to the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr related to the meeting with a Russian legal adviser connected to the Kremlin, he responded to representatives that he is alien to those messages.

Wray rejected his description of the Russia probe as a "witch hunt"

Henceforth, listening to his powerful replies and honest words, Democratic senators, who have addressed other people chosen by Trump relentlessly amid their confirmations, have flagged approval for Mr.

Wray. This shows that he will most likely be authorized for the 10-year term.

His responses might not sound good to President Trump. After firing former Fbi Director James Comey, Wray was chosen as his replacement by President Trump. Trump fired Comey due to a suggestion by Deputy Atty. Gen. Bar Rosenstein, who discovered an error in the way Comey was investigating Hillary Clinton's usage of a private email server as Secretary of State.