The drug lord Luis Carlos da Rocha, nicknamed the White Head, has been arrested after 30 years of searching, according to the Brazilian authorities. He was arrested in Sorriso, a city in the western state of Mato Grosso, reported by the Sky News.

Luis Carlos da Rocha, the drug lord is accused of money laundering, international drug trafficking, forgery of documents and organization of a criminal community. He will face more than 50 years of imprisonment.

Drug lord, the White Head was caught under the operation 'Spectrum'

Da Rocha was detained on Saturday morning under the police operation named "Spectrum.

" According to the police, in order to use extreme violence da Rocha was being protected by the forces with weapons.

About 150 law enforcement officers participated in the operation, 24 arrest warrants were issued and nine searches were carried out. Together with da Rocha, his alleged man was also arrested at a separate location during the operation, expensive cars, planes and other valuables worth more than $10 million were confiscated.

On his arrest, the police found the suitcase filled with documents, ammunition, handgun and some cash.

The Brazilian police called Rocha the head of one of the largest "drug empire" in South America. His personal fortune estimation is around $100 million in the form of property, vehicles, and deposits in offshore bank accounts.

Da Rocha changed his face and identity

Luis Carlos da Roche was considered one of the most wanted drug barons in Latin America. He had managed to hide from the police for 30 years.

As it was reported by the federal police of Brazil, the drug dealer lived under the name of Vitor Luiz de Moraes. Having analyzed the old photographs of Rocha and Moraes, the law enforcers came to the conclusion that both were the same person.

In order to dodge from the authorities, da Rocha had a plastic surgery and changed his name. He is accused of creating a vast network of production and distribution of cocaine.

According to law enforcement officers, drugs were grown and produced in the jungles of Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru, then, on small planes, they were delivered to the western regions of Brazil for further sale in the USA and Europe.

It was reported that the suspect plane contained about half a ton of cocaine. Не is accused of supplying cocaine to the drug traffickers in the large areas of Rio de Janerio and Sao Paulo.