Time and again technological advancements have made our life smooth and easy. Thanks to technology one can do absolutely anything at their pace and comfort. Adding to the list of comforts we receive thanks to technology, a Subway lover or just any hungry person can now order from the restaurant with the help of self-service monitors that will be installed in 12 pilot locations across the United States, UK, and Canada. The newly redesigned restaurant has been named "Fresh Forward" and is likely to find favor with consumers.

Self-service monitors at its 'Fresh Forward' restaurants

Subway is trying to keep up with the technological advancements and also the growing needs of its consumer base. The new Fresh Forward restaurant has been rolled out to provide excellent customer experience. Ohio-based strategic designing company FRCH Design Worldwide was roped in by the company to create this new concept. The new space for Subway has been designed keeping in mind the color palette that is inspired by fresh veggies. Moreover, the new Choice Mark that comes with the concept serves as the focal point of the concept at hand.

The Vice President of operations at Subway Trevor Haynes stated that the "Fresh Forward" restaurants have been developed and created with a modern outlook, which provides consumers with choices as to whether they would like to parcel the food or eat it at the restaurant, payment mode, and the way of ordering a dish.

Haynes says that the response regarding the Fresh Forward restaurants has been positive so far. The three main highlights of these new Subway restaurants are food, the digital touch, and the whole dine-in experience.

Highlights of the Fresh Forward restaurants

One of the main highlights of the Fresh Forward restaurant is its self-order kiosks and digital menu boards.

Apart from that these new redesigned restaurants support payments in the form of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Apart from that, the new space also offers consumers a designated pick up location for the self-order kiosk, delivery, catering, mobile app and a separate bot for orders coming in through messengers.

In terms of food, the Subway Fresh Forward restaurants will be introducing new items on their menus such as pico de gallo, house-made pickles, gluten free bread, and new sauces.

Other than that, the cookies on offer and the new bread will be displayed in front for the customer to choose from. The 12 pilot locations where these new restaurants have opened up are Orlando, Florida, Tarmac Florida, Chula Vista, Canada, Manchester, UK and more.