National Fast Food Day 2016 is here and that means Free food! If you are up for a day of grazing through the various fast food restaurants in your area for free food and deals, then Wednesday, November 16 is your day! Many of the fast food restaurants have coupled technology and free food to celebrate this national day of recognizing the fast food venues.

What better fast food restaurant to start with on National Fast Food Day than McDonald's, as there is one in most every town and city across the country. Mickey D's is offering freebies and deals today as well as Burger King, Arby's, Taco Bell, Sonic and Subway.

All you need to do is get their app or receive their emails, according to

Some of the deals and free food below are not necessarily just for National Fast Food Day, but never the less, it's free and discounted food! Also, here's a reminder for the busiest shopping day of the year coming up soon. Many places are planning on offering free coffee and doughnuts for Black Friday, so check with the coffee shops in your area.

Freebies and deals offered today

  • McDonald's offers weekly deals if you download their app. Free hash browns when you buy breakfast is one of the deals offered this week. For every 5 McCafe' beverages you get 1 free with the McDonald's app or get a free McCafe Beverage with any McDonald's purchase. These are just a few deals offered at McDonald's that you can get for a limited time offer as long as you have their app!
  • Arby's is offering a free Roast Beef Classic Sandwich with a purchase of a drink and this deal is yours if you sign up online for their emails. Just go to and sign up. Who can pass up an Arby's hot roast beef sandwich? It's not an easy thing to do!
  • Subway will give you a free 6" sub when you buy a 30 oz. beverage today, they also have their weekly specials to choose from. This sounds like a great destination for a free lunch or dinner today!
  • Sonic offers a free medium slush today. This favorite drink for kids of all sizes and age is yours when you download their app and create your Sonic account. This is a great destination for an after-school treat for your kids today!
  • Taco Bell wants you to create your account with their app and by doing so you can take advantage of the deals and exclusive offers for folks with the Taco Bell app only.
  • Burger King is offering quite a few deals today just go to the BK offers online.
  • Long John Silvers offers 99-cent add-ons coupons, $5 real deals and $12.99 family deals. This deal runs through November 27, according to the Reading Eagle.