The feud between Donald Trump and co-hosts of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough is not going to end anytime soon if the recent developments are anything to go by. Brzezinski and Scarborough responded to the President's astonishing Twitter tirade by saying that the President has the ego of a child, before going on to add that the White House tried to intimidate them into apologizing to Trump.

The feud continues

Responding to Donald Trump's tweets yesterday in which he called Brzezinski 'crazy low IQ Mika' and Scarborough a 'psycho', the hosts stated that the President had the fragile ego of a child.

However, something that they said later is definitely going to cause a stir in Washington. They alleged that people from the White House had contacted them and told them that the National Enquirer was going to publish an unflattering story about the duo. However, they could avoid all that if they called Trump and apologized to him.

This revelation soon turned into another incredible Twitter back and forth between the President and Joe Scarborough. Trump immediately fired off a tweet stating that he had not done anything of that sort. In fact, the President claimed, it was Scarborough who had asked him to speak to the National Enquirer and pull the story. In his tweet, the President called Morning Joe 'low rated'.

Scarborough gives it back

Joe Scarborough decided to take on the President and took to his Twitter account to deny the revelations made byTrump.

Scarborough sent two tweets in which he called the President a liar and also stated that he had records of texts from White House aides regarding the National Enquirer story. Additionally, he went on to say that he had not spoken to the President over the phone in a long time and the records would prove that. Trump had been criticized by people from his own party following yesterday's tweetstorm and today's exchange is another episode that does not cover the President in glory.

The National Enquirer which now finds itself at the center of this story immediately issued a statement and said that they had never been involved in any act of vendetta between the President and the Morning Joe co-hosts. Dylan Howard, who is an executive at American Media (which publishes the National Enquirer) stated, “At no time did we threaten either Joe or Mika or their children in connection with our reporting on the story,”. Considering the gravity of the allegations, it is quite possible that a parallel feud might erupt between National Enquirer and the Morning Joe co-hosts.