The heat from memes and negative public comments on social media on the display of fake Time Magazine cover by some of the golf courses owned by President Donald Trump have been finally felt by the real estate billionaire. The Washington Post reported four of the golf courses took down the fake Time Magazine cover.

One of the covers used to be found on the wall of the Champion sports bar of the Trump golf course in Doral, Florida. A few days after The Washington Post report came out, the framed fake magazine cover was removed. The wall is now empty, except for a pair of thumbtacks.

Fortune Magazine replaces Time

A second copy of the fake Time Magazine cover used to adorn the pro shop of Trump’s Doral Resort in Florida. Another framed Magazine Cover replaced it with a 2004 copy of Fortune Magazine with Trump as its cover photo. The cover and the magazine are genuine, although the headlines are not as loud as the fake March 1, 2009, cover of Time Magazine.

Based on the reply of two hotel officials interviewed by The Washington Post, it was the corporate team, not Trump himself, who ordered the removal of the fake magazine cover. The two executives, who were not authorized to talk to media, did not say where the removed frames were taken. It was previously reported that four of the golf clubs owned by the real estate billionaire displayed the fake cover, but The Washington Post clarified it was found at eight resorts.

Besides the one at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, there were two in Ireland and Scotland, but by Tuesday, it had been removed.

Virginia congressman spoofs Trump

Outside the U.S., German magazine Der Spiegel poked fun at the American president, who on the same day blasted CNN over a fake news report, by creating more fake magazine covers with Trump on it.

Mashable reported Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly mimicked Trump by creating his version of a fake Time Magazine cover.

In lieu of Trump’s mug, Connolly placed his face on the cover and tweeted that he asked his staff to have the fake issue framed and displayed in all four of his offices.

The fake magazine cover is clearly hounding Trump who became defensive and hit “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough when they made fun of the president on their MSNBC show on Thursday morning. The tweet created not only a Twitter storm but also a bipartisan move to ban Trump permanently from the microblogging platform.