It is a day of fakes after President Donald Trump had to retract a Fake News, as revealed in CNN. Ironically, while the billionaire hit Cable News Network which removed an article published on Friday about Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, Time demanded Trump to remove a fake Magazine Cover displayed in golf courses owned by the real estate billionaire.

CNN removed the story which linked Scaramucci, an ally of Trump, to the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund, LA Times reported. The report by veteran CNN journalists Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris was based on one anonymous source.

Trump tweets about CNN fake news

The three journalists resigned, and, by early Tuesday morning, Trump had an ammunition against CNN and other mainstream media which have been reporting about his ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign dthat Trump denies. He then claimed the incident would result in big management changes in CNN that LA Times debunked.

On the same day, however, The Washington Post reported Trump has a fake Time Magazine on his golf courses showing him as the cover when there is no March 1, 2009, issue of the publication.

There was a March 2, 2009, issue, but the cover was actress Kate Winslet, not the then-host of “The Apprentice.”

Fake magazine cover and barcode

Among the indicators the magazine cover is fake are inconsistencies in design such as a thinner red border and lack of an inner white line, Gizmodo pointed out. Some of the headlines on the real March 2 issue were retained by the fake cover.

Kerri Chyka, a representative of Time, confirmed it is not a real Time Magazine cover.

John Merrick, a developer, added the barcode on the cover is also fake.

It was assigned to a karaoke DJ software sold also in 2009. Despite the other indicators the cover is fake, it is hard to tell who made the fake magazine cover that screamed "The 'Apprentice' is a television smash" and why was it made. The fake magazine cover is found on four of seventeen Trump’s golf courses such as the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Doral in Florida, the Trump National Golf Club near Washington DC, and in Doonbeg, western Ireland. The Telegraph reported Time requested the Trump Organization to stop using the fake cover.

He claimed to have been on the magazine’s cover 14 to 15 times, but Time said Trump was on its cover only 11 times. Former President Richard Nixon holds the record at 55 times.