America is obsessed with the Russian connection. Not a day passes without some new revelations hogging the headlines. The old adage that there is no smoke without fire could be true in the case of Donald Trump and his team's connection with Russia. Now news has emanated that Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer in the hope that he could dig up some “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

A symbolic action has been taken by Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman who has filed a plea for the impeachment of the president. The filing of an impeachment is, by itself, not a serious matter as many members of Congress have brought impeachment articles against presidents.

What is much more serious is that the House Judiciary Committee has launched an investigation into the Russian connection This news was reported by CNN International.

The resolution

The resolution of Senator Brad Sherman has got the support of one other Democrat from Texas, Al Green.He has publicly expressed support for the impeachment proceedings. Mr. Sherman has said that he does not expect impeachment to take place. He is a realist as the Articles Of Impeachment must be passed by the house. This is highly unlikely to happen at the moment as the Republican’s are in a majority in the house. Mr. Sherman does not even have the support of his own party as a fellow Democratic representative Micheal Capuano at a party meeting denounced him as “selfish”.

Despite this Sherman is unfazed and has gone ahead with what he believes in.

Grounds for Sherman's impeachment

Sherman has accused Donald Trump of "obstructing justice”. He has cited many examples in his article.

The representative cites the allegations of James Comey, the Ex-FBI Director, that the President asked him to drop an investigation against Michael Flynn.

He was appointed the National Security advisor. This allegation has been confirmed by Comey at a Senate hearing last month. Sherman, also, finds fault with the way the former FBI Director was fired. He feels that there was an ulterior motive in the firing and claims that the sacking took place to thwart the Russia investigation.

After Comey was fired the Department of Justice appointed Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to oversee the investigation into Russian meddling. He has not yet released any report so far. The articles of impeachment by Sherman may not matter much at the moment, but who can foretell the future?