Things are pretty hot in Washington with Donald Jr being accused of meeting a Russian lawyer with an idea to get some "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. The President has defended his son but, it must have been a relief for him when the French President Macron invited him to attend the annual Bastille Day military parade in Paris.

This day had added significance as it marked the 100th anniversary of American intervention, on the side of the Allies, in the First World War. Trump probably enjoyed the visit as he loves everything connected with the military, though he himself never served as a soldier or airman.

Donald Trump landed in Paris on July 13 and attended the parade next day. Macron wanted to put on a show of military power and claim Frances place as a "great world power". An open military jeep surrounded by cavalry brought Macron to the parade. He wanted to emphasize to the world that France is a military power in its own right. CNN International reported this news.

The military parade

The French put on their best show and displayed their military hardware. A contingent of the US armed forces also marched along with the French. US aircraft flew overhead in formation. Both the presidents sat and watched the parade. Macron wanted to show that France could be the bridge between America and the EU.

He is a dynamic man and had earlier hosted the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the Versailles Palace. Thousands of French Servicemen took part in the parade.

Earlier defeats

Storming the Bastille is an important day in French history. It marked the basis of the modern French state. But after the First World War, the military went into decline and the French were defeated inside 40 days by the Wehrmacht during World War II.

Frenchmen openly wept after the defeat. This was followed by the abject surrender of the French Army to the Viet Cong at the battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Macron's wish

Macron wishes to erase these images. This is the reason France maintains an independent deterrent. He wants to restore the earlier glory of France as a military power.He will be hoping he will get the support of Donald Trump.

The day had added significance as on this day last year a radical Muslim drove a truck through a crowd and killed over 80-holiday revelers.

Macron will be going to Nice after the parade to express his solidarity with the victims of the attack.

Last word

Donald Trump will be going back and will be face to face with the revelations of his son's meeting with the Russians. Despite all the action he has taken and labeled the Russian connection as "fake news" the allegations are not going away.