Charlie Gard died on Friday just a week before his first birthday. His death was confirmed by a family member who acted as spokesperson for the family. The British baby had made headlines because of the dispute between his parents and the hospital where he was on life support. The baby was perfectly healthy when he was born. He was admitted to the hospital when he was eight weeks old.

Doctors determined he had a rare incurable genetic condition that left him blind, death and unable to breathe on his own. The push to get him medical attention became known over the world especially as it came to the attention of Pope Francis and President Donald Trump who tweeted on July 3 that the United States would do everything possible to help Charlie.

Hundred of people who called themselves "Charlie's Army" campaigned for him to be transferred to the United States. However, it was determined that it was too late for an improvement in the baby's health.

The parents' struggle

Charlie's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, fought long and hard to get medical help for their baby. They struggled through a five-month battle to get him transferred from Great Ormond Street Hospital in central London to go home or to the United States for experimental treatment. Doctors contended that nothing could be done to improve Charlie's quality of life. Therefore, the parents gave up their legal battle last Monday.

The hospital also would not allow the baby to spend his last days at home.

The parents were denied their last wish to spend private time with their dying baby. On Thursday, just one day before his death, he was transferred to an unspecified specialist children’s hospice where he was taken off life support, according to a judge's orders.

Reaction to death

Connie Yates called her son a beautiful little boy.

She said she was proud of him for living as long as he did. Since Charlie's death, everyone at Great Ormond Street Hospital sent condolences to Charlie's parents. Vice President Mike Pence tweeted his condolences to the baby's parents.

There had been a global debate over the moral right to decide the right of a child to be on life support over a long period of time.

People on social media without any medical knowledge cited their opinions about what they thought should have been done. The hospital that was responsible for the baby's care received verbal abuse and death threats which Charlie's parents disapproved of.