Breaking from the Associated Press, Charlie Gard's Parents have decided enough is enough, choosing to end their internationally-followed legal battle over their son Charlie's major health issues.

Timeline of events

  • September 16' - infant Charlie Gard was diagnosed with rare genetic condition mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage. He has been on life support since October, causing mixed reactions across the world.
  • March 16' - Bosses of Great Ormond Street Hospital requested life support be removed, as the child ate through a tube and relied upon oxygen from a ventilator to sustain life.
  • April 11 17' - Judge Justine Francis requested the matter be turned over to the High Court in London's Family division, where a trial would take place and could result in the doctors to discontinue life-support pending analysis. The judge suggested the child be removed from life support based upon negligible hope of survival.
  • May 3 - June 8 - Chris and Connie transition their case from the Court of Appeal to the UK Supreme Court, only to have their request denied both times.
  • June 27 - Judges throughout Europe refused to get in the middle of this tragic situation. A spokeswoman of Great Ormond Street Hospital reiterated what many had already thought, but didn't want to say, that it was "the end" of a "difficult process." No rush would be permitted to expedite the child's care, although "careful planning and discussion" would remain a necessity.
  • July 2 - While Charlie's parents were trapped in between a rock and a hard place, as they've been for quite a while, Pope Francis sent his respects in Charlie's situation. The Pope said the child shall die of natural causes, dismissing the notion of removing life support.
  • July 3 - POTUS Trump sends message to Chris Gard and Connie Yates to let them know he's thinking of them and wishes them the best.
  • July 10 - Charlie's parents continue presenting evidence at the High Court in hopes to prolong their son's life.
  • July 24 - The couple decide it's time for the child's suffering to come to an end, terminating their five-month long legal battle.

Time has run out

Charlie has not only been world news, but he's made the top story countless times through this entire horrific ride.

Those who knew of the child's situation have been on a roller coaster throughout, experiencing sadness, frustration, and aspiration.

The child's parents have decided the time has come for fate to intervene, against their will and sacrifice, resulting in their son most likely passing within a matter of days, if not hours. The struggle was real. The fight was substantial. The support was enormous.

Little Charlie may soon be gone, but never forgotten.