In order to increase the basic security measures, the Transportation Security Administration has implemented a more strict screening process for onboard carry items. In a press statement released on July 26, TSA states that the screening process was made tighter to ensure that the passengers were safe and secure along with the airports in the United States. The new luggage screening process established by the TSA will require to the passengers to submit all their electronics, which is larger than a cell phone in the bins to go through X-ray screening.

These measures following a successful pilot test at 10 U.S. airports has been expanded to all the air bases in the country.

TSA tightens screening process for security

John Kelly, the DHS secretary announced these new measures due to an increase in threats to the airline security. The new rules and guidelines were announced in late June for almost 280 airports in more than 100 countries. In the press statement, TSA declared that it will continue to work in tandem with airlines as well as airport to upgrade and improve the security measures currently in place to stay ahead of any kind of threats. Huban A. Gowadia, the acting administrator of the TSA stated that the organization is committed to maintain and strengthen baseline aviation security for the passengers as well as the commercial airlines that work with them.

As the news measures are roped in at the airport security checks, the TSA officers will start requesting the passengers to place any electronic gadgets bigger than a cell phone in the security bin. The passengers must be careful to note that the electronic placed on the bins must not have anything above or below them. The screening process is similar to the ones employed for checking laptops all these years.

Adhering to these easy and simple steps will help the officers get a clearer image on their X-Ray image.

New measures already implement in 10 airports

With the new rules in place, the passengers may feel that that the security checks are getting longer. However, TSA assures that it has detected the ways that it could use to make the screening process faster and easier.

The federal agency states that these new security check rules are already in place in 10 U.S. airports and will be rolled out to the others in the coming weeks and months. Among the airports which are already following new and tightened security measures are Colorado Springs Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Boise Airport, McCarran International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and more.