A former doctor with the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center went to the hospital in an attempt to shoot another doctor but ended up shooting the someone else entirely person as his target was not at work during the attack. Six other people were also badly injured during the shooting.

The attacker, 45-year-old Henry Bello, went to the hospital with an AR-15 rifle. He concealed his weapon by using a lab coat, The New York Times reported.

What police know about the gunman

Bello worked at the hospital for six months before sexual harassment accusations surfaced.

He was hired in August of 2014 and left by February 2015. He resigned due to the workplace sexual harassment report.

Ten years before the 2014 sexual harassment claim, Bello was arrested and charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment. During the 2004 incident, a 23-year-old woman told police he grabbed her near the crotch area outside a building in Manhattan. He also tried to penetrate the woman through her underwear after he allegedly lifted her up in the air. Bello later pleaded guilty to the unlawful imprisonment charged and was punished with community service. The sexual abuse charge was no longer in force.

Gunman’s target was not at work, shot another doctor

Bello apparently wanted to shoot 48-year-old Dr.

Kamran Ahmed. According to Daily Mail, Bello looked for Ahmed and accused the latter of ruining his career. Ahmed said he was shocked that Bello tried to go after him as they never had an argument when the gunman worked at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

Ahmed said that Bello was nice to him when they still worked together. He also recounted that Bello told them he would come back one day and kill them after he was fired from his post due to the sexual harassment issue.

Luckily for him, Ahmed was on his day off from the hospital and a female doctor was in the hospital when Bello attacked. Aside from the female doctor killed, six others were badly injured from the shooting rampage by Bello. The female doctor was identified as Tracy Sin-Yee Tam. Tam usually worked at the satellite clinics of the hospital and was only in the area as she was covering the shift of another doctor.

Gunman tries to set self on fire, kills self with gunshot to his head

Henry Bello tried to set himself on fire after he shot at five doctors and a patient. He was successful in setting himself on fire and then he held the gun to his head and took his own life.