Blasting News reported Friday on the shooting incident at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York City. 45-year-old Dr. Henry Bello, a family physician who had previously worked at the hospital, had entered the building with a rifle, shooting seven people, one fatally, before turning the gun on himself.

It turns out he had a grudge against a former co-worker and had promised when he resigned in 2015 to one day return and kill that person. The resident in question had the day off on Friday and wasn’t present in the hospital during the shooting.

Doctor resigned due to a sexual-harassment scandal at the hospital

On Friday it was reported that Bello had resigned, rather than face being fired from the hospital. At that stage the details surrounding that resignation were unknown. However, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, the resignation revolved around a sexual-harassment scandal at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Police sources had no further details about the scandal.

Bello threatened to return and kill a resident

Dr. Maureen Kwankam, who works at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, told The New York Post about Bello’s promise to return and shoot a resident.

According to Kwankam, Bello had said the resident in question would never graduate and become a doctor, as he would kill him before he had the opportunity. She added that at the time, the doctor had threatened harm to at least four other employees of the hospital.

According to the NYPD, when Bello entered the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Friday he headed to the 16th floor looking for that resident.

However, one doctor saw the AR-15 sticking out of Bello’s lab coat and immediately ran, screaming the word “Gun!” Bello then shot six people, including three doctors, one patient and two med students on the 16th floor. Bello then went up to the 17th floor, where he shot and killed a 33-year-old unnamed female doctor.

Doctor may have been trying to set himself alight

Bello was reportedly carrying several jars of gasoline or another accelerant, and after the shooting, he set the nurse’s station on the 17th floor alight. However, the sprinklers doused the flames. Police believe Bello may have poured gasoline onto himself and tried to set himself alight. It was at that moment the former employee reportedly went into a room, barricaded the door and used his rifle to shoot himself. After firing the shot he crawled into the hallway and died.

All six surviving shooting victims are expected to survive

Mayor de Blasio said in a statement that several doctors from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital are currently fighting for their lives in the emergency room at that hospital.

He sent a message to the family of the slain female doctor, saying their hearts are going out to them. De Blasio added that the shooting was a “horrific situation” in a place associated with care and comfort.

The Chicago Tribune reports that two surgeons working at the hospital had told AP that all six of the surviving shooting victims were expected to survive their injuries. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one surgeon said the victims had gunshot wounds to the chest, head, and abdomen. One more critically injured victim was reportedly shot in the liver.

As reported by Blasting News, this recent shooting rampage comes after a shooting incident at a Las Vegas pain clinic on Thursday where a patient shot two employees and turned the gun on himself when he was denied an unscheduled appointment.