A Trucker named James Mathew Bradley Jr., aged 60 was caught by the Texas police for carrying immigrants in his truck. He may face the death penalty as eight people inside the truck trailer were died due to breathing difficulties. However, the truck driver who was charged with illegally transporting the immigrants for financial gains told that he was unaware of the presence of immigrants inside the trailer.

According to a passenger who was present in the truck, there were about 100 peoples inside the truck, and they were breathing through a small hole present in the walls of the trailer.

How many people were there in the truck?

The acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Thomas Homan said that many people would have escaped from the place before the authorities arrived and they will come up with exact numbers as the investigation proceeds. The Department of Justice said that nearly 30 peoples present in the truck were hospitalized. While many are in critical condition, one person died on Sunday and another one on Monday.

USA Today reported that Thomas Homan has said, “These human smugglers have no regret for what they do, and they have no respect for human lives. Just to maximize their profit, they filled the trailer with maximum people in the burning heat of summer.”

Who informed the police about the truck?

A Walmart employee who informed the police about the truck said that the truck appeared to have contained multiple people inside the trailer who was in need of help.

The truck driver, who was immediately caught by the police, informed that he was unaware of the presence of people inside the trailer. Only when he stopped the vehicle for passing urine, he came to know their presence after hearing a loud noise inside the trailer. According to the criminal affidavit filed, when the driver opened the door, he was shocked to see people lying dead on the trailer floor.

He also said that he tried his best to save the victims but failed to call 911.

One of the passengers in the truck has told the authorities that about 30 peoples were forced to enter the truck in Texas. It looks like once the truck reached San Antonio, the smugglers will receive $5,500. The passenger further said that the truck was extremely hot and they were alright for almost an hour and after that everyone developed breathing difficulties.

Thomas Homan stated that the passengers identified themselves as Mexican nationals.

Charles Hood, the chief of San Antonio Fire Department has reported that out of the 30 peoples who were hospitalized, 13 were suffering from minor injuries and 17 were suffering from life-threatening injuries.