Like leaders throughout history, Donald Trump and his team have created an image of Trump as a man with tremendous strength and ability, unparalleled by all others. During the campaign his team attempted to portray his opponent Hillary Clinton as a sickly and sinister woman, and himself as a strong, robust man. Every Tweet and comment that the president has made (except for the admittance of his exhaustion as President) supported the grandiose image of Trump as a near-God leader who can guide this country to victory.

So what's different today?

After promises of winning so much we'd get tired of winning, turning the economy around big league, and draining the political swamp– Trump has made an error.

Different sources will tell you different things about how many errors Trump has made prior to this one, but there's something different about this error. It's the first error Trump has admitted to making. There's something about a typo that's so human and natural. Typos are funny and relatable, and it's not a comment on your character when you type something that doesn't make sense, say for example, covfefe.

Donald Trump's original tweet, which he has since deleted, reads "Despite the constant negative press covfefe," and the internet couldn't get enough. Memes, conspiracies, and tweets regarding the typo exploded, which some even claimed was a unifying force.

Tweet meant to criticize the media

The tweet was already written and set up to criticize the media and the "negative press" Trump was facing, but instead of harping on this fact, his Reply, "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy!" joked about the typo and moved on. This is possibly the first mature response to a joke at his expense that the President has made yet.

Trump is quick to complain about the media pouncing on his every move and his team is even quicker to spin any of his missteps into a tremendous triumph (with limited success), but today, Trump, who could have easily continued to complain about the media turning him into a laughingstock at every error, jokingly admitted to his mistake.

This is not to say that his admittance was gracious or humble, but it's a very small first step in a positive direction.

While it's not likely to change Trump's long-running streak of whining about the media's tendency to target him instead of praising his perceived successes, now that he's finally owned up to a mistake, it's nice to dream that he might own up to some other mistakes he's made. For once, Trump played along, taking the jokes in stride. This is likely one of the most presidential statements to emerge from Donald Trump's Twitter page, but hopefully not for long. Maybe the President is finally gaining some perspective on what it means to be the President.

Or maybe nothing's changed.