During last Wednesday's press briefing with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, he said that all questions related to the Russia investigation on the Trump campaign would need to go to the White House's outside council, Marc Kasowitz, a lawyer Trump has used with many of his lawsuits over the extent of his career. This, so far, has been the most profound response from the administration as the investigation has taken a new turn, with subpoenas being issued to former Trump advisors and the naming of a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

Trump's actions are backfiring on him

Its also been reported that the FBI Director that President Trump fired in early May will testify in a public hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Mueller was also the Director of the FBI before James Comey and both had apparently talked about the parameters of his testimony. Former Acting Attorney General for the Department of Justice Sally Yates has already had a hearing with a congressional committee, where she discussed the warnings to the White House when they appointed Gen. Michael Flynn as their national security advisor. He was forced to resign in February for his connections to Russian officials and has been mentioned in recent subpoenas that Blasting News reported on.

White House sweats it out

The White House communications director Michael Dubke has reportedly also resigned, perhaps under the pressure that special council Mueller's investigation would bring, which suggests that even those who might not have a part in possible criminal activity will feel that pressure as well. The subpoenas issued by the Senate and the House Intelligence Committees have not only been sent to Flynn but also one of Trump's lawyers, Michael Cohen.

Its been said that the Mueller investigation could be impacted by public statements made, which is likely the other reason why Spicer r?edirected all questions related to Russia to Trump's lawyer.

War in Washington?

Even some of what is said in upcoming hearings could add to Mueller's investigation, which is why Comey and Mueller spoke about the hearing.

Blasting News also reported that the White House was planning to make Mueller's life difficult in order to try and taint his reputation, which would not be unlike the administration (as they have already shown that they're ready to stir up controversy at a moments notice). Republicans appear to also be positioning themselves to go after leaks and find some defense for the Trump administration by subpoening the intelligence community over what they feel could be politically motivated attacks against the administration.