Last Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee announced that it sent out subpoenas targeting Michael Flynn. The former consultant for U.S. national security and Michael Cohen, President Trump’s attorney, are a significant aspect of the federal committee’s examination concerning Russian influence during the 2016 presidential election. Despite already delivering four subpoenas, the leading group of trustees has given out three more. They addressed them to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency.

House Intelligence expects further word from James Comey, to hopefully shed light on investigation

According to members of Congress, the committee's goal of issuing these federal documents is to obtain information about any requests that government entities might have made to expose American identities mentioned in exclusives reports deemed as classified.

The House Intelligence Committee declared that all the subpoenas are a unique insight regulating their administrative examination concerning Soviet ties to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. During a press conference with Yahoo News, the board announced last week that they have the former director to the FBI, James Comey, ready to testify before Congress about any information that he has regarding the controversy.

House Committee seeks to resolve the Russian meddling issue

Federal officials are probably going to get some information about his communications with Trump since the committee launched their investigation starting with examining who the President spoke with during his campaign. For now, the U.S. Congress is not in session. Next Tuesday is when they resume.

However, no one is aware of the official date and time when Comey is expected to give his declarations just yet.

The House Committee has furthermore searched for specific data from James Comey relating to the Trump campaign and possible Russian collusion. The House Committee requested that the FBI turn over records related to all the communications, interactions, and activities he engaged in with both the U.S.

Justice Department and the White House.

The House Intelligence Committee endorsed the subpoenas last week for Michael Flynn and his organization, Flynn Intel Group. They also addressed the letters to Cohen and his law firm, Michael D. Cohen & Associates.