Last week, the White House exposed that a group of former Lobbyists currently serving in the President’s federal cabinet suddenly have ethics waivers. The disclosure results from a request submitted to the federal government’s ethical organization. In a diagram listed on the official web page for the White House, a minimum of 11 known waivers incorporate Trump’s consultant Kellyanne Conway and his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Apparently, Conway has been granted clearance to engage in correspondences and social affairs that include previous customers with non-profit, political, advocacy or trade affiliations within their respective organizations.

Also, Priebus now has permission speak with the Republican National Committee and attend any of their scheduled gatherings as well. Priebus is a former director of the RNC.

Waivers granted despite signed executive order

Not long after Trump’s inauguration at the beginning of the year, he denoted an official demand banishing lobbyists who joined his administration from managing issues related to any of their previous assignments. Regardless, Trump also has the authority to issue waivers due to certain circumstances that exempt his employees from that same restraint.

List mentions only Trump affiliates

Michael Catanzaro also has a waiver granted. The former lobbyist for petroleum-related materials is an excellent assistant to the president.

He is authorized to evaluate any government policies involving energy resources in the U.S.

Another person involved in the situation is Daniel Epstein. The President’s associate counsel now has the right to provide all offices in the White House and executive branch with legal advice. He is also allowed to partake in adverse positions related to the Cause of Action Institute.

Shahira Knight is another unique colleague to the president. The former Fidelity employee is granted clearance as well to indulge in matters involving extensive approaches to issues surrounding retirement, taxes, and financial administrations.

Andrew Olmem, a lawyer who’s worked with the Senate Banking Committee in the past, may enter government meetings with previous contacts involved in the monetary crisis surrounding Puerto Rico.

He can also apply at any time, his input into several activities that include regulating public finances.

Mulvaney speaks on the matter

Mick Mulvaney, Chief of the OMB, provided a statement last Friday to the White House regarding this new-found evidence. He assured that the White House would follow through and remain compliant with all demands requested from the Office of Government Ethics (OGE). He also declared that it would give any information on all former lobbyists currently employed by the Trump administration.

Mulvaney ended his declaration by stating that the Office of Management and Budget itself did not concede any of the waivers currently granted to designated lobbyists.